QB Integration, customer info.



I am attempting to integrate my RMS software with Quickbooks 05 Pro. Up
until now, I have transfered all sales information manually using register
reports. I have two problems.

1. If I import customers from Quickbooks, it duplicates all of my customers
in the RMS database (this is because RMS creates the customers account# from
their company name in QB) so I suggest that RMS synchronize customer data
based on their Account # from QB.

2. If I add a new customer at the POS (something we do very often) I must
manually go back to Quickbooks and enter the information again. This is
because RMS doesn't export customer info to QB, it only imports it. This
really doesn't make any sense to me because all other data (sales, tax etc.)
is transmitted RMS->QB not the other way around. So I suggest that if a new
customer is added at the POS, RMS automatically add them to Quickbooks.

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