QIF Export


Gordon Potter

I need to perform a QIF export and have a few questions.

It appears every individual account within each Money file must be
exported individually - Is this correct?

The QIF "rules" say max 15 characaters on category name and no
punctuation. Am I correct the QIF will truncate the name? (That way
I don't have to rename long names as long as they are unique at 15


The QIF "rules" say no punctuation. Does "Punctuation" include
symbols such as the following items not include the double qutoes --
left and right brace "{ , }", dash "-", single Quote " ' ", Forward
slash "/" and the ampersand sign "&"

If any one knows what happens with punctuation during the conversion,
I would like to know that also.

SPAM has driven me to Spoof my email, sorry

Gordon Potter
Atlanta, GA



Dick Watson

Each account gets exported one at a time to its own QIF file.

As to how the export mangles various data, the best bet is to do the export
and then go look at it. It's just a text file. You can open it with

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