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I need to build a COM Plugin for RMS where a new customer is created that
hooks in and checks to see if the customers email field has been populated,
if its not populated it needs to bring up a box requesting the customers
email with a tick box that is 'opt out of mailer' (i've done everything but
write back)
i'm using
Session.Transaction.Customer.EmailAddress and
Session.Transaction.Customer.CustomNumber5 for the OptOut.

My Question is: How on earth do I write data to the customer in the com addin?
Is it possible??




If you are using the SaveCustomer hook to fire you COM addin, try just
running an SQL Update statement on the newly created customer record. This
of course is assuming that the SaveCustomer hook is actually fired after the
customer record was saved to the database as the description suggests.
If that doesn't work maybe update the record after 'Process = True'.

SaveCustomer Hook
The SaveCustomer hook is activated when a customer is saved to the database.

HookType value

Parameter value

The parameter passed to the hook will be the ID of the customer in the

The SaveCustomer hook is activated under the following conditions.

a.. A new customer is added to the database.

b.. An existing customer is changed.

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