quantum 2007 errors



Hi all! I'm hoping someone can help with these issues.

#1 - after upgrading about 10 days ago, we attempted to run finance
charges and discovered that if we put any information at all in the
"last customer" field, nothing will happen. If we only put in a
starting customer and process to the screen, it will run finance
charges for everyone. Or if we put in one person, and hit the
"starting customer only" it will work fine. Support is absolutely no
help whatsoever. They had us do the customer/invoice integrity checks
and sync test (which found 3 sync errors) but did not fix the problem.
Now they want our data???

thought that one of the issues was this: out of about 800 customers,
there was a "hiccup" on conversion that if the customer was not set to
default payment options, you were prompted to save the record if you
opened it to view details. I went into each record and saved it but
this did not resolve the finance charge issue.

#2 - we had a customized invoice set up showing the backorder column
and set to 3 copies that worked great on ver 2005. When we copied it
into this version and printed it, it did some really STRANGE things.
we took one of the existing invoices, customized it to show the
backorder column and tweaked a few of the fonts, etc and it seemed to
work great. went back to the form, changed # of copies to 3 and saved
as a new custom form (invoice w/bkorder 3cpy) Now, we have troubles if
we print this form to the OKI printer - it will show backorders that
don't exist. Strange thing is - we can take the same invoice - use
this exact form set to one copy and send to the same printer and it
works fine.

Has anyone else experienced these problems? would appreciate any and
all suggestions......


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