USA Quarterly Taxes?

Dec 16, 2019
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United States
Hi Everyone,

I have a couple quick questions about quarterly taxes. A little backstory. I run a small business and for half of 2019 I was a sole-proprietor LLC and in July changed over to an S-Corp.

I know I need to pay quarterly taxes. I've decided to just pay them all in the final quarter. I had an accountant last year do my taxes but she wasn't great so want to make sure her advice is correct. Here are my questions:

1. In 2018 I lived in PA for half the year and in DE the other half. So in my taxes, she (the accountant) split them up for each state. However, when it comes to paying my Quarterly taxes this year I'm assuming I just pay the same amount to DE that I paid last year? I lived in DE all of 2019.

2. Since I changed over to an S-Corp this year in July do I need to do my quarterly taxes as a sole-proprietor LLC for the first two quarters and an s-corp as the last quarters? Or does it not matter?



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