query error message



UPDATE PUBLIC_Transaction INNER JOIN ShipTo ON PUBLIC_Transaction.ShipToID =
ShipTo.ID SET PUBLIC_Transaction.ReferenceNumber = [dbo_ShipTo].[Name] WHERE

When I try to run this I get the error message

An Error occurred while executing query: Inccorrect syntax near the keyword

We used to have local support that set this up we were able to run it once
when it was set up and was told we could re run it when ever we needed to
update the infor. Also was told they would send me a new query that would
update this info constantly. Never got the email they disappeared along with
$1000.00 in pre paid support.

Original goal was under a specific customer in the purchase history tab to
have the Customer name from the ship to tab appear in the Reference # field
in the purchase history tab

Any help would be appreciated


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