QUESTION: Converting from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13.


The Radney's

Ok... I'll try and make this as short as possible.

In March of 2001 - because we had fell way behind on all our payments
(vehicle, house, 2nd mortgage) we filed for Chapter 7 We paid $1500
to our lawyer at that time. We let EVERYTHING go. Our total debt was

After 15 months the Chapter 7 was not going through, so we converted
to Chapter 13. The final judgement was that we had to pay $100 per
month for 36 months.

The $1500 we paid to our lawyer is showing on our Chapter 13 statement
as already being paid. Long story short, it looks as if the $1500 we
paid was applied as part of the 36 months and that our 36 months is
effectively being shortened to 21 months.

Is this standard procedure? We are sure hoping so, we want this
behind us ASAP. We are in the state of Georgia.

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.



Brett Weiss

It's impossible to tell, based on the information you provide. If the
Chapter 13 Plan provides for a payment of $1,500 to your lawyer, which was
already made, then this would appear to be correct. I'd suggest asking your


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