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Mar 23, 2009
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HI I have a project for an accounting class where i have to ask an accountant some questions and then write a paper about it. What i need is an account or someone that works an accounting job of some sort to answer a few questions. Each question needs to be answered in 2-3 sentences. It shouldn't take the person that long to fill out the questions and I am willing to paypal $20 upon receiving the answered questions. thank you and here are the questions.

1. What is the name of your company where you work? Where is your company located?
What is the company noted for?
2. What is your job title?
3. How long have you worked there? In what jobs? Describe your job.
4. What “accounting textbook” topic that you remember from school do you consider to be most relevant/significant to your accounting work today?
5. How has technology affected the way you handle accounting projects?
6. Which balance sheet items/income statements items do you consider to be most important in evaluating a company?
7. How has your company been affected by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
8. How has your company been affected by XBRL?
9. Are you preparing at all yet for IFRS? What is your opinion of IFRS?
10. Are there any new accounting standards or pronouncements that are currently being addressed by your company?
11. What is one of the most important accounting functions that you do on a daily basis?
12. Where do you see the future of the accounting profession?
13. What is your advice to anyone considering majoring in accounting?
14. An additional question that you (the student) would like to ask the person you are interviewing about a specific accounting topic? This question is required


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