Quickbooks 2001 - Windows 2000 - Mouse Problem - Help !


Ken Frost

I cannot get the mouse cursor to 'jump' to the default button in Quickbooks
running on Windows 2000. I have tried about 6 different mice and 5 sets of
drivers (logitech, Intellimouse, Trust etc). I reinstalled the machine with
Windows 98 and everything works with any mouse or mouse driver but in
Windows 2000 it just will not jump to the default button (which I am sure
any Quickbooks user would find annoying !). Using Windows 2000 SP4 - Any
ideas out there that would help ? Is anyone having the same problem ? The
mice do work in other applications by the way, just not in Quickbooks.

Any help V. Much appreciated.





I've found mouse behaviour to be different in QuickBooks in a number of
respects. While I don't use the "default button" feature, I know some
people who have problems with the scroll wheel. In a quick test, I turned
on that feature on my XP machine--it seemed to not work. I tried it also on
my Win2000 machine with the same result.

If you are looking for speed and efficiency, you might try the keyboard
shortcuts and assignment of the Enter key.


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