USA Quickbooks and Purchase Orders

Feb 12, 2018
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We are trying to start integrating for help with our payables system. A little back history, this company has previously done everything on paper in one office. Now, we're trying to deal with bills coming to office A and needing to be paid from there, but needing to be approved in office B, and in addition, slowly move to paperless or at least some combo there of with no server at the moment to share documents on. I have used at previous companies with great success, but never before with inventory.

The situation I'm finding is I can put an invoice in, but obviously it doesn't bring up a purchase order to receive it against. When I sync it to Quickbooks after approval, it doesn't link the bill to the PO there either. Has anyone found a solution for this or have the ability to post their step by step process for this situation? If I use just Quickbooks, I have no way to mark the bills for review and approval before paying. If I use just, they aren't matched to the invoice and it will still show as pending.

I looked at these instructions from; however we generally receive the invoice before the items arrive. The buyer would like to have the bill entered and awaiting approval until the items are received, at which time she would approve it to pay.

Any suggestions??


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