QuickBooks apparently not updating


Larry Spitz

I am running QuickBooks Samll Business edition 2003 Release R1.
I have automatic update turned on - the default. I am periodically
reminded to update. If I select "update" I am told that auto update
is on. If I select "Update" here I am shown a table:
Service messages
New Features

Service messages has a "Last Checked" in the recent past. All of the
other items say "never updated" and Last Results of "Error". If I select
Error I get a message to go to the QB Support web site and search for the
error code. I cannot find these error codes but it seems that it is a
DNS problem. Since DNS works fine for all other applications, I can only
guess that the URL for QB updates in mangled.

How do I find out what it is. What should I change it to? (I am in
New Zealand).

Thanks for any help.



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