Quickbooks "class" feature



Does anyone know how I can get RMS to pick up QB class with the GL
assignments? I have multiple stores and in QB I separate the activity by
class so I can print separate financials by store.




As best I can tell you can't. I would also want to see this take place in an
upgrade to provide better integration with my accounting package (currently
QuickBooks). I am currently entering a daily sales receipt for each location
that keeps all the accounting happy in QuickBooks. Reply back if you want
more details on how it works. It's manual, but it does work and its very
quick and integrates perfectly with bank deposits for reconciliation

Make RMS seamless with Microsoft Small Business Financials and we'll have a
great reason to leave QuickBooks. It's crazy to have to migrate to Great
Plains when SBF should be able to handle our accounting needs. Are you
listening Microsoft?

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