Quickbooks conversion: Undeposited Funds acct is incorrect



Since changing over from Quickbooks (last year) our 12000 Undeposited Funds
account is not correct. When we try to make journal corrections or
adjustments in the register it just keeps messing up one or the other. Is
there anyway for me to manually adjust this account.



The Caterer

I cannot imagine how you use an additional JE to negate a transaction in
Un-deposited funds but you can void any transaction in un-deposited funds by
accessing the transaction via the account from your COA.

If it is your opening balance that is giving you problems all you need to do
is open the account from your COA and find the Opening Balance transaction
that was applied from the QB migration. It is nothing more than a JE that was
automatically input during the set-up that post in Un-deposited funds and
Opening Balances on your COA. From there you can edit the transaction or void
it and start new.

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