Quickbooks is crap! Reason #27



After a user enters time sheets (applying hourly rates and overtime to
existing jobs, etc) it is impossible to produce a simple report that
shows in three columns:

Employee Name, Hourly Rate Hours, Overtime Hours

so the report can be shown either to managers for a review of the
current payroll, or sent to outside payroll services for payroll
processing, etc. This simple, basic report has to be done manually and
it is just one example of the amazing lack of decent reporting
features in Quickbooks, even after so many years of "development".

The one or two reports that do show the number of hours for regular
pay and overtime pay are only available after paychecks are created in
QB but they still can't show just this two numbers for each name.

Therefore Quickbooks is crap and here comes the cheerleader now with
his personal attacks on users that dare to have any expectations on
reporting features other than what the QB drones are (in)capable of
offering. I bet the computer slaves in the Far East are busy with
coding more important things or doing customer support.



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