QuickBooks Online Edition


Carolyne Fox

I am considering QuickBooks online edition, adding the business and
sales packages for budgeting and classes. I can't find a single
current or former user...I'd really like to hear from some people who
have actually subscribed to this service with their comments on the
speed, functionality, etc. Thanks!



Mike Block, QuickBooks CPA

I dislike QB online. It lacks many regular QB features and runs much
more slowly. QB online backups require QB tech support. They make sure
you do not think you can go back and forth effectively. This is
because an online backup changes transactions such as paychecks, for
example, so they do not work with payroll tax reports or returns. The
warning message recently said it was a one time transfer, not the
one-way transfer that it actually is, so I thought this might terminate
our QB online account. It was like an airline not properly
distinguishing between round trip tickets, one-way tickets and plane

I am switching many clients to Windows Terminal Server hosting. It
gives us real QB, plus Open Office (a free Microsoft Office
replacement) for $25 a month. We save more than this by not spending
to,e transfering files back and forth to us, our clients and our Indian
outsource Chartered Accountants (CPAs). We also save on not having to
take turns or fix files that are not synchonized.

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