USA Quickbooks Report for all items used in 2018?

Feb 12, 2018
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United States
Hi all,

My bosses have decided they'd like to recategorize all of our items into accounts that make more sense to give information on the business. So rather than be grouped by vendor as sub accounts of product on the chart of accounts, they'll be listed by business type, which would be a lot more helpful in determining what parts of our business are profitable or not. So that's great.

The not so great part is we have literally fifteen thousand items, and to move them with the history as well, I'm going to have to recategorize each one individually. I've compromised with them that we'll only move items used in 2018 or later, and anything older can just be deactivated. BUT... does anyone have any idea how to pull up a list of all sales AND purchase items that were used in 2018, and which account they are currently tagged to? Unfortunately, the way our books were originally set up, we use a separate (non inventory) part for sales vs purchases of the same items (I know, it's dumb, and we all agree, but at the moment, that's how it's set up and it's "working", and we can't find a better solution using quickbooks inventory since we use multiple vendors for the same items). I tried pulling a sales by item summary for all of 2018, but obviously that only pulls sales items, and it doesn't allow me to customize the report to show the account the item is currently tagged to. I'm guessing I'm going to have to pull 3 or 4 reports out into excel so I can manipulate them better (maybe use a few v lookups, etc to match things together), but I'd like to minimize the amount of work I'm doing. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?

*IF* By any chance, someone knows of a way to mass-migrate items and their history to new accounts, I'd love to hear it, but so far all of my research isn't turning up much in the way of options.


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