Quicken 2002, Windows XP


A Abraham

Long time user of Quicken under Windows 98. In March upgraded the PC
& OS to Windows XP home addition.
Since This past weekend I am unable to open my main Quicken data set.
The QDF size is 14.5 MB. Restoring a back allows me to make changes,
and do updates - but then when I close I get the message "An error
occurred during the last task. Please restart Quicken". I restart
Quicken the screen is blank, I am allowed to switch to other Quicken
files, and to restore the back up of my primary file, but on closing
the primary file the same events occur.

Appreciate any advice that will help to resolve this puzzle.

Thank you




I ran into a similar problem...Just do a clean install of quicken.

Then open quicken and import the data set from where ever you backed it up
to. You'll have to tweak settings like the internet connect and the like but
everything should work ok.

You may get a message telling you that your default browser is not the one
quicken prefers to use for downloading your bank transactions. If you do
answer yes to that window.

That message came up on me several times and I kept answering YES. It should
disappear after a few times of downloading your daily transactions.


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