Quicken 2004 and up Encryption


John Peterson

Its said many times that all Quicken data files have been encrypted since

Does anyone know, and preferrably have a reference, as to what type of
encryption is used? I can't find it from Quicken's web site. All
Quicken discusses are web transaction security, I'm concerned about
security within the PC itself against any application or person stealing
Quicken's data files. My goal is to ramp up security seemlessly and
easily for its data files, but I'd like to know just how 'secure' are the
native files by themselves.


3rd party software that could hack Quicken's files easily in the past no
longer guarantee they can decode versions 2003 and above if you use a
complex password.

In the past, hacking programs seem to be able to decode the data
structure regardless of the password, so either they were cracking the
password alone, the data file structure and hence the encryption, know a
backdoor, use brute force, or combos thereof.

Version 2003+ Quicken encryption relies heavily on properly decoding the
user password, so it seems a more secure form of a dual key algorithm.
Most commercial decoders can't guarantee success even with a brute force

For example:




Ideas anyone?


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