Quicken 2008 on laptops?


Mike Blake-Knox

I've been using Quicken on laptops for years. Until a few years ago,
Quicken could be active when the laptop was suspended (or put into
hibernate). Intuit then improved Quicken by displaying a message to the
effect that it didn't support being suspended and blocking Windows from

I'm currently using Quicken 2007 which usually allows Windows to
suspend and usually takes minutes to display the window contents that
were displayed before the suspend. Sometimes (e.g., while a transaction
was being entered) it still blocks suspend. I've also noticed that if
the laptop is suspended/resumed several times with Quicken running,
Quicken will flash the window contents on and off several times before
resuming normal operation.

Does anyone know if Quicken 2008 behaves better than Quicken 2007 when
Windows power management drops into and out of low power modes like
suspend or hibernate?





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