Quicken 2010 - Retirement Planner Limitations

Dec 20, 2010
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I have setup in detail the retirement planner in Quicken 2010 and have run into the following limitations:

1. Quicken can't set two rates of return for two different non-tax-deferred investment accounts.
2. Quicken can't set a rate of return to 0 for a cash savings account used for large expenses.
3. Quicken doesn't calculate the 1st year of school loan payments correctly. It assumes the school loan is paid every month, instead of starting in August.
4. Quicken doesn't allow multiple special expenses to be tied to the same cash savings account. Either one expense monopolizes the account or you have to allocate all expenses to "General Expenses"

If there are solutions to these problems that I haven't yet found, let me know. Otherwise, is there a different app that is more appropriate? I'm about to just setup an excel spreadsheet to handle my calculations.


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