Quicken 2014 - Problem with Loan Payment?



I have a Home Equity Loan Account and have being making a Reminder
Payment for years on it in previous versions of Quicken. Since
updating to Q2014, the reminder does not work and I have been unable
to make the monthly payment. The Reminder is setup as follows:

For the 12/1/13 Payment - should be:

From Account: A Savings Account - $250
To: Home Loan Equity Account (which is listed under Property and
Debt) - $238.97
To: Mortgage Interest (Tax Category) - $11.03)

Each month, upon preparing to enter the payment, I would edit the
Split area, change the Interest a necessary and click the "Adjust"
button next to the Equity amount and it would change the amount as

But now, when I hit Enter on the Reminder, under Payment Information,
the "Account to Use" item is a Cash account not the Home Equity Loan
account anymore. In the drop down window, the Home Equity Loan
account is not listed.

How do I fix this problem or setup another reminder that will work as
I outlined above.

Thanks for any insights/input.


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