Quicken 2015 - Can't paste

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by Mike Blake-Knox, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. I've found that all too regularly after I've been using Quicken 2014 for a
    while I can't paste into the memo fields of transactions. Once it starts
    happening, the only way to resume pasting seems to be closing and reopening

    I'd suspected that it might be related to my use of transaction attachments. I
    now think it has to do with me clicking the icon to add another attachment to
    a transaction that already has one and then not explicitly closing the "small
    size" attachment by clicking on the close button. If I accidentally click on
    the register instead, the attachment window disappears but must not actually
    be closed. At this point I find I can't paste into any transaction's memo
    field. I find that if I click on the register's attachments button for the
    transaction whose window hadn't been dismissed properly, the attachment window
    pops up and after I use its close button, I can now paste into memo fields

    Is this consistent with other using experiencing the unable to paste issue?
    Any idea for a workaround? I find that as I add many more attachments then
    pastes, its hard to find the right transaction to click and dismiss the window

    Mike Blake-Knox, Nov 29, 2014
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  2. Mike Blake-Knox

    Bartt Guest

    I have no idea, but I believe Q2014 had several "focus" issues. Or at least that's my interpretation of the number of focus issues I saw in the Q215 release notes.

    I don't use attachments in my Q file and I'm still on '13, so I can't comment specifically on your symptoms.

    However, in entirely different applications, I have experienced a pop-up that was inadvertently moved to the background. There isn't anything in the taskbar that allows you to select that window, but I've occasionally had success when I minimized the "parent" application.

    Don't know if it will help, but it would be better than closing Q entirely.
    Bartt, Dec 2, 2014
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  3. Thanks - Intuit has 5 focus problems listed in their "complete" list of bug
    fixes. It won't be the first time I'll upgrade quicken to fix a bug.

    While I was finding the problem list, I noticed they've updated their upgrade
    marketing material and learned that Quicken now includes credit reports and
    credit score.

    Mike Blake-Knox, Jan 3, 2015
  4. Ooops! Apparently I forgot to have my offline usenet reader send the message I
    composed back in early December.

    Subsequently, I did the upgrade and have found that the problem is still there
    in Quicken 2015. I've posted a step by step recipe for recreating the problem
    on the intuit site in the hope that may result in having the problem fixed.
    You can see it at

    That upgrade had a very negative affect on one of my .qdf files. After the
    Q2014 data was converted, Quicken insisted that I sign onto a Intuit ID
    account. Unfortunately, it prefilled the name field with my email address and
    wouldn't allow it to be changed. The solution turned out to be to use the
    "forgot password" link to change the password on the account with the email
    address as the name.
    Mike Blake-Knox, Jan 3, 2015
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