Quicken 8 - problems



I am having problems with quicken 8 for dos.
This version was installed on a 486 running Dos.
The machine died, so we had to buy a new machine.

We bought a new dell. I ripped it down and partitioned
the hard drive. The first partition has Dos 6.22 installed on
it. The second has Windows XP home installed. When
the system boots it asks if you want to boot dos, or Winxp.

I booted the computer into Dos. I installed Quicken 8 from
the original disks. I then restored the backup previously
taken on the old computer. It works for a while. After starting
it a few times, it will complain about reading the index, then it
rebuilds it. Once done, the running totals are totally whacked
(negative running as high as $2,000,000).

I have restored previous backups and this gets around the problem
for a short while, but it returns. I thought about patches for Quicken 8,
but Intuits site has nothing. I thought maybe it was a bug.

The user WILL NOT use a windows version of quicken. He wants to
(and needs to for a special purpose professional application) stay in
the dos world.

Any ideas here ?


An no, I can't go running off and abandon him. He knows my phone number.



R. C. White

Hi, Darryl.

It's been so long that I don't remember: How (and how well) did Quicken 8
and MS-DOS 6.22 handle Y2K?

Would your user be happy with Quicken 8 running in a "DOS" window of WinXP?



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