Quicken -- data file size... too big?

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by John Blaustein, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. I'm currently using Quicken H&B 2002 and may upgrade to Q2004. My data file
    (QDF) is a little over 18MB, containing data going back ten years or so. I
    periodically do a File>Copy and Validate and have had almost no problems
    over the past several years. My PC is fast enough that speed is no issue
    with a Quicken data file of this size.

    Is there such a thing as "too big" for the Quicken data file? Is there a
    point at which having a large data file can start to cause problems?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this.

    John Blaustein, Aug 19, 2003
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  2. John Blaustein

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, John.

    As you know, we've been asking each other that question for years, ever
    since 2 MB was a big *.qdf file. Some have reported that Quicken told them
    2 MB or 5 MB or 10 MB was the limit. I've never used H&B or QuickBooks,
    just successive versions of Quicken Deluxe (or whatever the current name
    was) since 1990. My *.QDF is now just over 13 MB; all my *.Q* files total
    16 MB. I've not noticed any sluggishness on my AMD XP2000+/512 MB RAM
    machine running WinXP Pro and Quicken 2002 Deluxe.

    I'll be watching for reports from users who finally hit an actual size
    barrier. Until then, I guess we'll keep trading messages like these here.

    R. C. White, Aug 19, 2003
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  3. John Blaustein

    Steve Guest

    Ahhh, the pleasures of DOS. :)

    Still using DOS version 8, file size for 10+ years of data is a bit
    over 1MB.
    Steve, Aug 19, 2003
  4. John Blaustein


    Feb 22, 2011
    Likes Received:
    I'm having trouble with Quicken. Here's the notes I sent to Intuit
    1- Getting message, “an error occurred during the last task please restart Quicken”
    2- Sometimes Quicken locks up – hour glass remains an hour or more 3- Seem to have same problems on PC and also on laptop 4-I do lots of data entry on Sandisk flash drive
    5-Validate duplicate file shows shows no trouble 6-Have re-installed Q 2002 HB on pc – no improvement 7-I can open a backup file perhaps 6 times then it too gives error message or locks up 8-File has 13 years data accumulation 9-File size = 33.2 MB
    10- All backup files seem to have the same problem

    Intuit does not support older versions - their advice is to upgrade to a supported version. Computer shop people tell me older Versions of Quicken do have a limited maximim file size. Can anyone add to this?? Harold in Canada
    haroldyoung, Feb 22, 2011
  5. John Blaustein


    Jan 21, 2017
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    I have been using Quicken since Jan 1995 (22 years at this point). I had upgraded once from v2000 to v2002, and have been using v2002 to this day, now on my Win10 computer. Today I encountered the error: “an error occurred during the last task please restart Quicken”. At that point, it would crash & close everytime upon launch. A backup file opens fine. I searched online, and yup, my QDF file just exceeded 32MB. I guess my options are:
    1) Archive the existing QDF, start a brand new QDF, and re-create all the accounts, sched trans, etc.
    2) Upgrade Quicken to a version that would support a larger QDF file size. (What is the file size limit in v2004, does anyone know?)
    Are there any other options?
    Terry, Jan 21, 2017
  6. John Blaustein

    Don Wolf

    Jun 25, 2017
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    My Quicken data file is 74 MB and am having big problem with program dropping and even inserting entries 5 to 10 years back. How big can the data files be? Am using 2016 Quicken Rental.
    Don Wolf, Jun 25, 2017
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