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It's interesting that the Quicken Forum "moderators" have time to read each
message for "niceness",
but can't seem to convey info and status from their own company to their

Your message at
http://www.quickencommunity.com/web...m for Windows/Investments in Quicken/4277/158
in the discussion "Portfolio System Issues: please post here" has been
edited. Remarks considered personal attacks and/or off topic have been
removed from your post. Please refrain from posting similar comments in the
future, as they are a violation of the terms of service of the community,
and may result in your account being suspended.

Text of the original message:

well let's see - given that you're an idiot if you expect help from
Quicken.... we'll try and LEAD you to some answers since it might be hard
for you to FOLLOW what others are saying, and then we'll GET OUT OF THE WAY
while you try and fix everything.

download - what do you mean by download...
quotes, news - which are working
or the "web portion" which involves the Alerts,
which is not working
The financial institutions and their account downloads are not affected -
they work.

upload - only focus here is uploading your Quicken software portfolio to the
web based server... it's broken.

Looking at the bottom portion of your One-Step Update screen...
Update Portfolio - broken
Update Banking Accts - broken
Update Reminders - broken
Download Web Entry Transactions - broken and no longer available

In addition - it appears that each version of quicken software actually
contacts/uses a different URL to contact "their" specific online quote
Instead of having a common server for all versions,
it looks like each version has their own world which may further complicate
the matter... totally flawed design.

My Quicken 2006 uses -> qw2006.quicken.com & investing.quicken.com

SO - depending upon what others are referencing,
they are confusing the issue...by not explaining exactly what they mean -
sorta like yourself.

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