Quicken Mac 2015: First impressions

Discussion in 'Quicken' started by Gary, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I installed Q Mac 2015 over the weekend and converted my existing data
    from Q Win 2013 to the new format.

    The new program seems to be dramatically less than the old one. For
    example, Q Win 2013 gives me so much of what I want in information and
    reports on investments; Q Mac 2015 seems almost devoid of investment

    I haven't yet decided whether my current opinion of it arises from my
    inexperience, and that I have yet to discover all the goodies in Q Mac
    2015. If the goodies are there, they are hidden well.
    Gary, Oct 6, 2014
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  2. I decided to not purchase yet.

    The comparison page "indicates" that it's on par with QWin Premier, but there's a voting page at the bottom for things they haven't yet added. Those items look pretty substantial.


    I'm not quite willing to drop Windows, yet. For now I'll be sticking w/ Parallels.

    I'm actually evaluating CrossOver, which at the moment can be purchased on StackSocial.com for $30. My mom is running Q '14 H&B on a MBAir w/ CrossOver and I'm running Q '13 H&B on a MBPro. There are a few quirks in using it, but nothing we can't work around.
    bartt.shelton, Oct 6, 2014
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  3. Gary

    Gary Lotto Guest

    Why would you leave Parallels for Crossover? I see it as a much more
    powerful and flexible program. Crossover requires a reboot, doesn't it?
    Gary Lotto, Oct 6, 2014
  4. Gary

    Bartt Guest

    We're probably reaching over the line from a Q discussion to a Parallels vs.. CrossOver discussion, but since this thread is about Q Mac in a group that normally deals w/ Q Win...

    I'm just getting started w/ CrossOver. v13.2 has not required a reboot, yet. However, I haven't let my Mac go to sleep several times w/ CrossOver still running, either.

    The main reason for the "potential" switch is due to a couple of calls frommy mom (novice computer user), with a Windows-under-Parallels config, claiming her MBAir "just won't work". It's hung. She can't even enter a password. When it happens, she can only see what she says is a gray screen or ablack one. We've had to reboot the MBAir to get anything to work.

    In my own experience, the only times that happens to me (rare) is when I'veput the Mac to sleep while the Parallels machine is still either active oridled at the time the Mac goes to sleep. I've told her several times to make sure the Windows machine is completely shut down (not idled) before sheputs the Mac to sleep, but it's easy to forget. In an ideal world, that shouldn't matter & the Parallels machine should respond w/o issue, but that's not what we're experiencing. I should probably follow up with Parallels support, but that would cost me a support session fee & I only occasionallyhave physical access to the MBAir. That, and I've got a day job that's complex enough; I don't want to add an unpaid, evening IT job to that. When I explain that she's actually running a Windows machine on her Mac, she kind of gets it, but kid of doesn't.

    I want something easy, reliable, & as unobtrusive as possible.

    After a week, she said she's been more pleased with the responsiveness of starting Q under the CrossOver config. That makes sense because it doesn't require a start up/wake up of a full, virtual Win machine; CrossOver is only firing up a "lite" WINE bottle. I'll be monitoring what happens with it the way she uses the MBAir.

    That, and it doesn't require a copy/license of Windows. $30 (StackSocial price) & done. That's probably a driver that shouldn't be ignored for thosethat are budget conscious.

    If you need lots of Win applications or at least one App that won't run under CrossOver/WINE, Parallels is probably the way to go, since it is truly aWindows machine. If all you need is one or two apps & they work under a CrossOver WINE bottle, so far CrossOver appears to be cheaper, simpler, & faster.
    Bartt, Oct 7, 2014
  5. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I have been using VMWare Fusion for about 5 years. The recommendation
    to go that route came from my oldest son, who tried all alternatives
    and knows so much about computing that I rarely question his judgement.
    I have never regretted making the investment.
    Gary, Oct 9, 2014
  6. 5 years is a long time in the software world. It evolves rapidly. As I'vebeen scanning the CodeWeavers forums, it sounds like there have been some improvements in CrossOver in the last version (currently 13.2).

    VM (either VMWare or Parallels) is certainly a valid & established approach.. If it's working for you, I see no reason to change.

    I went the Parallels route and use coherence to try to make the experience more "Mac like". So far, I've been pleased. However, Parallels is tellingme that I can't upgrade to Yosemite unless I also upgrade Parallels. The Parallels upgrade is $50. I don't know if VMFusionWare will have to be upgraded, but if so, I would expect an equivalent.

    I'm not planning to retire my Parallels VM, either. Just looking at options, mainly to help my mom.

    As best I can tell, my CrossOver bottle is about 0.7GB. Admittedly, I've got far more than Quicken installed in my Parallels VM, but I think the absolute minimum recommended partition size for a Windows installation is 20GB & it's recommended that you use >= 30GB. That's quite a footprint difference. If you're running a MBPro w/ a big, beefy SSD, like I am, 30GB ain'tso much. If you're running a MBAir with a smaller SSD, 30GB may be huge.

    1) you don't already have a setup to run Q Win on your Mac
    2) you don't need the flexibility to install any Windows app you fancy (i.e.. you've just got a few apps)
    3) all of those apps run under CrossOver (they've got a list)

    I'm thinking CrossOver is worth consideration.
    bartt.shelton, Oct 9, 2014
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