Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows MERGE



Unfortunately I may have to transfer my Quicken 2001 Mac accounts to
Quicken 2001 for Windows.

If I do this merge what problems will I experience?
My first MAJOR merge worked flawless as I did a Quicken 4.x (mac 68K)
to Quicken 98 Windows.

However the last time I did a major Merge was from Quicken 98 (Windows)
to Quicken 2001 (mac) and I had major problems, so I had to temporarily
buy Quicken 2001 for Windows to solve the problems. The problems I
experienced were a well known Intuit bug from 98 basic .qif files to

I have many years of data, categories, charts, reports, and such. I
need to ensure 100% that everything is transfered.

If anyone has made such a move please reply. Thank you!

I personally care less about having the latest and greatest version,
and besides my computers cannot run anything else with ease later than
these versions. Quicken 2001 is dirt cheap these days on ebay (got a
brand new deal for under $10)!



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