Re. Adjustments question




I have Microsoft Money 2004 Standard (I think - V.
anyway......) running on Win XP Home SP2.

I have had the program for about 6 months now but have this morning decided
to look at it properly. I appear to have some adjustments in my Main Account
which are not showing when I double-click on adjustments, but are affecting
my sub-total Bank Balance. The amount involved appears to be twice my normal
loan payment which is debited from my on-line account every month. I am not
in any arrears, but Money appears to be assigning two payments to an
adjusmtment and I cannot see how.

More an irritation than anything seriously wrong, and I'm sorry if I haven't
decribed it too well, but if anyone can give me some help, I would appreciate

Thanks, Candyman



Glyn Simpson, MVP

v14 is Money 2005. I guess it's a Nationwide account if you're using the UK
version and you're running the account in 'essential' mode. Adjustments is
something to do with manual transactions being removed from an account which
you're purely using the online service to fill.

Unless you can match loan transactions that you put in yourself to the loan
transactions being downloaded, then i would think the best way around this
is to switch the account to the advanced mode.

I've only seen the adjustments screen once, before Money 2005 was released,
so am not really sure how it works as it's something i can't use.

If you do switch this account to the advanced mode, make a copy of your MNY
file before you do, should you wish to go back.

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