Australia Re-Installing MOA Express 2009 on a New Laptop, from old Desktop - Both Win 10

Feb 6, 2020
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I hope there is still someone around that remembers Microsoft Small Business Accounting Express 2009 - Free Version from Microsoft.

I have used MOA Express 2009 Ver on my Desktop PC, Win 10, for many years. I created a Backup to Restore my Company on my New Laptop Win 10.

I used MOAUSexp.exe as the Install File and had issues with Restoring my Backup. I created a Company with the Exact same Company Name. After Installation, I checked this Installed Version and found it to be 4.0.1930.0 - very much different. I understand that ver = Service Pack 3 Version and the Last.

I tried to update Ver 4.0.1930.0 with the Service Pack 3, but it would not install. I think it said Files Missing, possibly earlier Service Packs ???

The difference in Versions align with an Error Message I get when I try to Restore my Backup File - It says my Backup was created with a Later Version of MOAExp, and this Error has proven to be True.

When I did my First Install on my old Desktop, I cannot recall ever performing an update to the Installation and from Memory, updates were not available for this Free Special Version.

To keep this short, I need the Steps required to Create my Existing Company again, on a New Machine, commencing with the only Install File I can find ( MOB2009USExp.exe ) and by using my Backup File from my current Desktop version.

I do not wish to Re-Create all the Existing Accounts and Vendors again.

Nor do I not wish to Purchase new Software, as I Volunteer my services to an Ex Service, Not for Profit Organisation.

I am hoping there is still an Expert on this now Out of Date Software, some where, who can provide Step by Step Instructions for what I am trying to do - I thought this would be easy and I am fairly Tech Savvy.

Regards and Thank You..


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