re-process EDC without approval codes



First, hello to everyone and thanks for your help. We set up RMS several
weeks ago, then signed up for CitiBank processing, entered all our account
info and opened last Saturday.

After a week of processing and counting signature slips, we tried to process
our EDC batches only to find there were NO transactions listed. I went back
and looked at the signature slips and none of them had approval codes.

I spoke with CitiBank customer service and they helped me locate the problem
of not having the use EDC verification in the teder type windows. After
doing this and running the z report, I am now getting validation codes and
everything looks good.

My question is this: is there a way I can run the transactions from last
week thru, now that everything is set up correctly. I have the receipts, but
they do not show the entire acct# to use the manual account method from my
provider... can I pull info from the database, or just re-process the
electronic data?






Unfortunately not, once the CC has been encrypted there is no way of
unencrypting it. This has to do with the new Cardholder Information Security
Program (CISP), PCI Data Security Standards and MS interpretation of them.
Basically it is so you as a merchant won't get dinged for a huge fine if you
ever lost any CC information and it was tracked back to you.
If you want to know more do a google search on 'CISP'.



Though it doesn't help you for your current situation, we have released new
software that will prevent this from happening in the future.

Its called Card Vault, and it temporarily stores the credit card numbers so
if a situation like your occurs, you can re-process the cards.

Card Vault is fully compliant with CISP standards.


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