Read Only backups



When I create a copy to either my hard drive or CD it automatically defaults
to read only.

I know you can go into properties and remove the tick from the read only box.

My question is why does it default to read only?

If i need to reinstall a backup I just find this more time consuming rather
than the box for read only to be left empty all the time.

I am using Windows XP and Money 2004 version 12.0






I can't explain what is happening on your hard drives. My system does not
change file attributes when copying from one hard drive to the other in the
PC or when going through my LAN to another PC / hard drive.

When you burn to a CD-R you create something unchangeable (whether or not
you close the session or close the disk); files on the CD are bound to be
read-only - hence the change of attribute.

You could pay much more for CD-RW (rewriteable) disks, and burn to one of
them, but I doubt you will find many people who recommend you do this - such
disks may not playback on any machine other than the one on which they were
made, and there is not much point in having a backup that can't be used on a
new computer (after the old one failed or was stolen).


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