Receipt Number Sequence



Is it possible to have different receipt number sequences to my cash, charge
and payments receipts. Can RMS store the numbering of these 3 types of
receipts separately?

Terrence Inniss.



Akber Alwani

Very simple thing, the transaction reference # not on the base on tender
type but base on the transaction itself as soon as you start working a single
document # generate and will remain till you perform tender or cancel the

So per my knowledge it is not possible, yes may be It could possible if the
system first ask you about the Tender Type, but it will be funny if the
system started doing this.



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

It could be done as an Add-in. You would actually be creating your own
number and storing it outside of the standard RMS tables. All
transactions are stored in the same table and the transactionNumber is
just a sequential number, so it's not possible to apply rules to the
creation of the TransactionNumber itself. This is not something that
would really make sense in RMS anyway, since RMS supports "split
payments" - half cash and half credit card for example - how would you
categorize these?

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
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