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Andy Miller - RVP Business Systems

I want to set a receipt template to print twice every time. I know i need to
set the ReceiptCount variable in the template to '2'.

however, does anybody know how or if I could modify the template to print
the second page differently? is there a <Condition> statement i can use?

Example of what i am looking for...
<IF><CONDITION> Receipt Number = 2 </CONDITION>
<THEN><CALL> "DrawDuplicate" </CALL></THEN>

so in english, if it is printing receipt count #2, then print duplicate on it.
Andy Miller
Direct POS - Boise, Idaho
(208) 376-8121



Justin Janson

Hi Andy,

I once did some customization for a customer who wanted four copies with all
different headers printed. The first was 'original' second 'copy' and so
There was (is?) not a good programming way to do it, so I ended up with a
bulky XML receipt with all four copies included. But the good thing was, it

It took me a lot of programming, but will be glad to share it. I hope it can
help you. If you want a copy, send me an e-mail to (e-mail address removed).

Justin Janson




Hi Justin,

I've a similar problem.I did try to manage the xml template to have 2 copies
for both customer and store. When there is a single page for each copy its
working fine.But for multiple pages of each copy the header and footer are
not showing correctly.

Any help will be appreciated.


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