receiving payment on invoice is not catagorized as income



I need Money to catagorize a received invoice payment as
income. Currently, if I mark the invoice as paid it will
add it as a deposit to the account but it is catagorized
as "special" as opposed to income. So when I run my P&L
reports all those paid invoices do not show up as income!

Of course I can change the category to income but then I
lose the ability to track that a certain invoice has been

Anyone know how to do this so that the invoice still shows
paid and the deposit shows as income?





IIRC the income shows up (sales income?) when the invoice is generated, not
when paid. I've only recently started using the invoice feature & like to
never figured this out. It is "standard accounting procedure" to show a
sale as revenue when you make it & you write it off if you don't get paid
for it; not my favorite way of doing things (seems like the hard way; show
the revenue if & when paid seems so much simpler). Fortunately my sales are
all paid very soon after they are made (ebay).


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