Receiving payment with no invoice


Roy Chastain

I just switched to SBA from another accounting package on 1/1/06. At that time, I had an invoice outstanding. It has been paid. How do
put that money into SBA. I can not simply create a new invoice because I am on accrual accounting, I would end up being taxed twice. Once
last year under the old package and once this year under the new package.




DJ Bodnar - Geeks and Gurus Detroit MI

I also switched over on 1/1/06. I am not sure if you can still get to it but
if you can get to File/Setup Wizard...

Find that Customer and put that balance in there as a starting balance. It
might not let you if there are other transactions against that customer - I
was able to change quite a few starting balances.

Hope this helps.

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