Recommendation for bank account


Neil Pike

Hi - I've taken over the treasury duties for a local non-profit sports club.
The current account they have at the moment pays no interest, but equally they
don't pay any bank charges. I was wondering whether anyone had recommendations
on a "better" way of doing the banking - e.g. an account that paid interest
with low or no charges?

As I said it's a non profit club, run by volunteers, but it doesn't have
charitable status. A fair amount of money - several thousand - will build up
for periods before being paid back out for sports hall rental, equipment,
insurance, governing body fees etc. etc. Probably 100 cheques/cash deposits
made per quarter, along with 10 cheques written, some bank transfers etc.
Nothing too high volume.

Something that offered internet access to the account would be good. A debit
card would be ideal but not essential as we've always got by without one up to
now - committee members will buy stuff where cheques aren't accepted and then
get re-imbursed.



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