Recommended Financial Planning Programs for retirement withdrawalphase



Anyone have any recommendations for software to use to best plan and
review withdrawal phase plans?

I was playing with the "Optimal Retirment Planner" at I found the results to be interesting and how it
suggest some rather large conversions to roth IRA at certain years.
It's not clear to me how much support this program is still getting by
the author.

I see there's the ESPlanner, but I get the impression you really need
the paid version to see what I want to see. Is it a good investment?
Are there other choices?

I am a Canadian, USA permanent resident, long term I question where I
will be. I no that puts a fly in the ointment.

I will soon be 60. After being affected by a restructuring last year, I
plan to start taking my company pension this year, especially if other
paid opportunities do not come up.


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