reconciled transactions not appearing as reconciled



I am stumped! I reconciled a months worth of transactions, ran and saved the
report. The following month when I went to do it again, I noticed all my
prior month transactions show up as un-reconciled. There's a way to
individually mark transactions as "reconciled", yet when I tried to do that
to these, I got an error message that states "This transaction cannot be
reconciled because it has already been reconciled for the bank." Why do
these transactions keep showing up as reconciled if they already are??? Wacky!



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I posted the same thing on July 3rd, I can reconcile the checks one at a time
or all at once and some show up and some do not. This is a piece of crap
product and Microsoft does not support this as they have still way to many
problems with the Vista itself. You can try if you have professional 2008
e-mail them and try to get a response but it will take forever and I do not
think they can help you. They do not care about supporting this product. I
have had the same problem in both the 2007 and 2008 professional products.
Look at your payroll runs as well and the money does not transfer to the
bottom line when you run payroll either. Let me know if you find at solution.
Thank you


I am also having this problem. We are still able to balance our accounts
even though the previous months are showing as unreconciled. Our issue is
that the "unreconciled" transactions are still printing on the reconciliation
report even though they really have been reconciled.


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