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I have a reconciliation problem. When I reconcile my personal account, it
asks me for a date, so I can make sure that I'm reconciling up to the date
of my personal statement.

But when I reconcile my "business account", it asks for the starting and
ending balance on my statement, but it uses the current date for reconciling
(it doesn't request a date). Is there some way to correct this? I have no
idea how to reconcile this account, since there's always outstanding checks
and deposits, and the balance will never get to 0. I could go back to doing
everything by hand, but I bought Quicken to avoid that.


Steve Harclerode



Camel Software

Okay, I figured it out. The first problem was that I messed up recording a
deposit. When I fixed that, it enabled me to reconcile my current statement.
I "ignore"d the request to do a re-reconciliation, and first did the current

Then, I immediately hit the reconcile menu item again, and choce the
re-reconcile option. It became obvious then that the thing to do was to use
the opening statement balance as the closing statement balance, and then
everything came out to 0.

In case this helps some other poor lost soul...

I now have a love-hate relationship with Quicken. When I first started using
it, it seemed more like "Slowen", until I figured a few basic things out.
The docs suck pretty bad, IMHO.

- Steve Harclerode

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