Has anyone else had problems with the reconciliation feature in
Quicken 2004 Premier edition? The Help menu shows that I should be
able to manually reconcile items, however, when the reconciliation is
run the program automatically inserts a "Balance Adjustment"
transaction on the ending date. It also places an "R" in the "Clr"
column for every transaction up to the ending date. This creates an
incorrect balance for the account (a problem that has been raised for
previous versions).

Also, I never have the option to print a reconciliation report through
the reconciliation process. This would not be a problem except that
the reconciliation report feature in Reports > Cash Flow >
Reconciliation is greyed out and cannot be selected. Has anyone found
solutions to these problems besides reconciling by hand? On-line tech
was not helpful (Validate did not work) and I don't know that I am
ready to pay $1.95/minute!



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