Reconciling downloaded transactions



I'm having trouble understanding Money's way of
reconciling downloaded transactions. For each
downloaded transaction, it appears to look for
anything close to the same amount in the register.
It happily matches transactions with different
amounts, different dates (even a month or more
different) different payees, etc. This amounts
to ALOT of changes to transactions -- a time-consuming

Is there any way to get Money to look for more
EXACT matches? (Key point: I do NOT manually
enter most transactions.)

Secondly, is there any way to get Money to reconcile
using a downloaded balance? One of my banks no
longer provides a printed statement. Quicken gives
the option of reconciling to a downloaded amount.




Bonnie Synhorst - MVP

Limit the date range that Money looks in to match your transactions. This
is under Tools, Options, Online Services. Which version of Money are you
using? Later versions do have the automatic reconciliation to the
downloaded balance.

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