USA Record transactions buying discounted gift cards?

Jun 20, 2014
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I use quicken and need to figure out how to record this relatively simple transaction. I buy gift cards online at a discount and use the discounted cards to buy materials for my business. I created a [GIFT CARD ACCOUNT], [CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT]. I buy the $200 GIFT CARDS using my CREDIT CARD. I record a $200 purchase to the [CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT] and use the category [GIFT CARD ACCOUNT] so it appears as a transfer from credit card to gift card without any gain. BUT my gift card is actually worth $50 dollars more than my purchase price of $200 so it increases to a $250. How do I increase this transfer in value when it becomes a gift card. When I spend the gift card the [GIFT CARD ACCOUNT] becomes overdrawn if I don't record this increase in value.... I am not sure if this increase is considered an income? AND since this is a transfer from my credit card acct to my gift card account do I split the transaction or do I make an additional entry for each card I buy?


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