Recovering old SBD file on a new MOA Pro 2007 install



Did some digging there but still could not a fix for my situation.

I'm reinstall Vista Enterprise and as part of the install in moved my old
vista install to a folder call windows.old. My sbc, sbd, and sbl files are
all there.

With the new Vista install, I reinstall MOA Pro 2007 and proceeded to
reattach and rebuild the sbd from the old install. When attempted to
reattach the old data file I got this error:

"Directory Lookup for the file z:\Old Vista System\Program Files\Microsoft
SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\data\mybizinc.sbd" failed with operating system
error 3 (The system cannot find the path specified".

One note is that I wanted move the Old Vista System directory from my laptop
where it was originally installed to my NAS server. So, I am attaching the
data from NAS and not the laptop. I'm not sure if this may cause the error.

Any suggestions? I'm pulling my hair out trying to make this work.

I tried reattaching the old data file and rebuilding but it would not open.
It appears to open then it comes back with the following error:

"Cannot open database "mybizinc requested by the login.


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