Recruitment companies in UK are a *FSCKING* mess



Recruitment companies in UK are a *FSCKING* mess

What the *FSCK* can be so difficult about hiring with modern technology
to wizz CVs to your inbox in no time?

Yet recruitment companies in UK are a *FSCKING* mess
and run collectively as one huge sham operation.

Not one *fscking* recruitment company in UK rings up
their list of applicants to make sure
they know them in person before forwarding their CVs.

Instead they all seem to using some kind of *fscking* microshaft
tool that takes in non standard document format such word
of a specific version, filters it for keywords and then
when it matches some words, it will forward the CV on.
And if applicants send in CVs in formats like PDF or social
media web page, they whine. But as employer we don't care!!!

If it comes down to preference, then social media web page is better than
any other format!! Not some fscking piece of toilet paper
which has to be re-entered into a computer to type in all
the links for references!!! That sounds like work don't u think!

This whole idea of using automated tools,
particularly anything made by microshaft crap and reliant
on microshaft crap is a *fscking* mess!!

I'm getting doctors being sent for positions of electronic
engineer because this doctor knows how to read
_electronic_ _waveforms_ and connect up _RS232_ cables.


Recruitment companies should pick up that phone
and talk with the applicants and ditch all this
fscking mumbo jumbo with automated tools.

The world is moved on, we need innovative social media web site CVs
and the like with more information and not some fscking pieces of toilet
paper emailed to us.


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