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Mar 20, 2020
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Hi everyone!

First off, I hope everyone's safe and well amidst the current lock-downs and otherwise that are Covid-19 virus related.

I have a problem and I wish the bright people in this site can hopefully help me. Anyway, I am currently handling recruitment (no background in accounting) for our company for a Senior Accounting staff. We are an ecommerce business - online retail/private labeling - company, so I figured one of the challenges I'd like to present and ask the candidates would be our issues with our monthly (and/or annual) close. We've been struggling with this for a while now because we only have a bookkeeper and a part time Finance Manager; so there's no one really in between to manage accounting.

So I'd like to ask about this to candidates:
1. What do you think is the reasonable number of days to close a month? - to gauge how they analyze situations
2. What would be the most efficient monthly close process for a business like us? - to gauge how they managed tasks/projects

My problem is, I don't know what would be a great answer lol Like how would I know if the candidate is brilliant. Since we don't have an accounting manager and the part time Finance Manager is not around to answer me.

Hope any of you guys can help me.

Thanks so much!



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May 12, 2011
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Regarding question 1: the problem with the question is it only requires a one number answer. Someone with absolutely no clue about accounting can luck in to the answer you seek with just a wild guess.

Have the part-time Finance Manager included in the interview process and ask the acctg questions. Just schedule the Finance Manage to do so when they are on-site.

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