Rectifying receive payments with received payments

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When trying to rectify my receive payments they go into the system fine but
when looking at the received payments they are always jumbled. Some show up
with various amounts sometimes wrong, and some do not show up under received
payments and some never show up under received payments making us have to
enter them in again and then void the checks as this is twice they will show
up now. Does anyone have a fix or idea on how to fix this?



Lance [MSFT]

Could you add some more detail about this problem

Where did you enter the payments that are not shown?

Where are you looking to find payments?

If this is in one of the lists, what is the filter setting for the list
(filter setting appears in the top right corner of the lists)

Is there any pattern to what payments are not appearing? (like maybe refunds
from vendors not appearing or payments that have been linked to invoices not
appearing or something like that)

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