Recurring CC Charges


Bob Kennedy

I've searched the archive for this newsgroup and been unable to find any
information about recurring transactions, other than a post about how it could
be kludged with "memorized" transactions, but wouldn't run automated batches.

My question is whether anyone knows whether there is a method within QB, or
using an add-on application, to process *automatic*, recurring credit card
transactions (preferably as batches).

In short, we have a membership database with hundreds of users. Each month, if
the customer renews their membership, we must re-charge their credit card and
determine whether it is approved prior to continuing their membership. Has
anyone seen this type of application handled in QB integrated with merchant CC

Thank you in advance,



Allan Martin

Stephanie Serba said:
If you open your Memorized Transactions List, you can edit each memorized
transaction to be posted automatically.

Edit| Memorize (transaction), then select Automatically Enter. Select your
time, up to annually.

Good luck.

Good Luck with what? Your sugestion does not even come close to what the
poster needs.

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