Recurring charges not working all of a sudden

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Daniel Billingsley

Unfortunately, we've built a complex niche custom application around MOA, so
I'm stuck with trying to keep it working for a while.

We process about 1,000 recurring documents a month. All of a sudden, every
time we perform the Process Document and Delete Reminder option we get an
error on every item.

They seem to be processing normally but just not deleting. If we click OK
on the error box and then delete the reminder manually everything seems to be
fine. At the volume we're doing, that's really a great workaround.

Anybody have this problem before and get it solved?




Assumming that you're running oa09 w/ latest patches. This 'deadlock'
problem was fixed (bandaged) in late 2007 (i.e. OA 08 release). I am sure it
regressed when oa 09 changed transaction-isolation code. You can ease the
timing problem by performing compress-documents, thus reduce the # of rows in
document & documentline tables - note: transaction table stay as it.




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