Recurring monthly invoices/charges

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Freehold Consulting


I am new to this forum but I am a beta tester for SBA and I am using the
beta software for my business.

My question is, how do I set up a recurring monthly charge for customers
such as a monthly service fee which is automatically entered as a new invoice
or on a running invoice for the month.

I have a customer who does rentals and needs a way to quickly generate
invoices for 80 tennants with different rent amounts for each one. Currently
they use a word document and search replace each month and it is very labor




Chris Schatte

Freehold Consulting,
This issue was brought up several times in the beta newsgroups, and was
submitted as a suggestion/bug by several SBA beta participants. Just reviewed
mine and the answer was "already submitted".
We have commercial and residential maintenance contracts that are on a
recurring monthly billing basis and would certainly use this functionality.

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