Recurring Payslip



Hi, I am new to Money and am finding things a bit overwhelming.
I am self employed, so my monthly earnings vary. I am playing around setting
up my money file.
I want to enter my previous earnings and average these.
So far I created a new Payslip in the Bill Summary page, I cheat by choosing
a next payment day in the past. I enter an amount and choose the option to
use estimate based on last number of instances. OK next I go the account, I
have a load of overdue transactions, which I register. Finally I then
manually edit each transaction with the amounts I actually earned!!
My question is am I doing this the right way?

Also how do I associate a transaction that is created by an online update
with a recurring transaction? Can this be done or do I have to delete them
after they are imported?

Thank you very much for your help in this matter



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